What does it means to dream Zoo?


Zoo Dream Symbol – Dream about going to the zoo can be reminiscent of your childhood. It can also have a personal significance. If you dream about a zookeeper it represents your ability to keep in check a group of people or children. When you dream of a zoo this can indicate you feel as if you are not free. You may feel trapped by someone or something in your waking life. Is there something caging you in? Can you not see the way out back to freedom? Dreaming of being an animal in a zoo is telling you that you need to take time out to rest and rejuvenate. Have you been through a stressful time? Setting animals free can mean you are working up the courage to deal with something that causes you deep fear. But, you know you have to face it so you can move on. A lion at the zoo indicates you need a holiday. An elephant can symbolize a need for some time alone. This can mean you need to work through some things before you are ready to deal with any issues. Monkeys in a zoo is a sure sign you need to take a break from your busy life. Snakes remind you that you usually embrace change. You enjoy adapting to new situations and meeting new people. Seeing a small family zoo can mean you are stressed out. Make sure you balance your life with fun times out. Seeing animals escape can mean you have some issues that keep arising, but you are ready to deal with these when they come up again. Seeing a special animal enclosure means you are adaptable to anything life throws your way. Dreaming of birds in a zoo symbolizes a need to reconsider your association with something or someone. They may not be what they presented themselves to be. You need to think about this to make the right decision.