What does it means to dream Zombie?


Zombie – For zombie see Undead. Zombies can be very scary in your dreams. In fact, there are many ways that zombies can actually become a reality on our planet. There are funguses that are capable of turning us into zombies with very little genetic change. However, in dreams zombies usually make an appearance because of your overactive mind and watching too many movies. Zombies are in truth not flesh eating machines, they are just corpses that are not in control of their own nervous system. Instead some other organism is using their body as a staging ground for reproduction. Zombie Dream Interpretations Zombies are things of horror movies and nightmares. You usually dream of them when you have been watching them on television or the big screen. It could as simple be your subconscious replaying what you have seen when they visit a dream. If you have not been watching horror movies, dreaming of zombies can be a sign of your stress levels in your waking world. You may feel you are losing control in some part of your life. Dreaming of turning into a zombie can be a sign you fear the unknown. You may fear losing someone you love and feel a need to protect them, but you may need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. If you turn into a zombie, this represents possible health issues in your life. Once you transform into a zombie you are no longer who you used to be. Do you worry about becoming someone you do not want to be? You have the ability to turn the situation around. Being chased by zombies can mean some health issues take longer than expected to heal, but you will regain full health soon. Dreaming of the world being overrun by zombies, indicates you feel the world is changing in a hostile way and you have no control in stopping it. Maybe there are parts of your life out of control. Does someone close need your help? Saving someone you care about from the clutches of a zombie symbolizes you are secretly in love with them. They may not see you in that way, so you have to fight for their recognition. Showing your willingness to fight for them can show this person your true character and bring trust. This is a sign your relationship will grow into a lifelong success.