What does it means to dream Zen?


Zen – Dreaming about Zen can be one of the most pleasant dreams that you can ever enjoy. Zen is nirvana of the soul. If you dream of Zen it means that you are a very enlightened person. There are not many people who can dream of true Zen. If you dream that you are unable to achieve a zen-like state it means that there is something that is blocking your chakras. In your waking life it is probable that you have some sort of stress in your life that is keeping you from being completely at peace with your inner self. By meditating every day you can expert your spiritual powers over the problems in your life and find new and innovative way to overcome these obstacles. If you feel that the Zen in your dream was coming from a source outside of you it is possible that your true soul mate will soon be in your life to help to elevate the dreariness that you have found yourself in as of late.