What does it means to dream Yes?


Yes Dream Symbol – Dreaming about saying yes to something can be a very positive thing. If you have watched the movie Yes Man, then you know how important this one little word can be. The word yes can change your life forever if you allow yourself to open up and experience life in a way that you previously have not been able to. Dreaming of saying yes to something or someone signifies your acceptance of the past and the wisdom you have gained from it. This can be your subconscious giving you permission to say yes to something in your waking life. This is a positive dream that symbolizes your future success. Agreeing with a group of people means you will soon have happiness in your life. This is a time where much positive energy enters your life. Seeing the words ‘yes’ repeated many times in a dream indicates that though you need to face some tough challenges, but you will eventually succeed. When you hear yourself saying yes in a dream, it represents acceptance by someone in your waking life. It could even mean you accept yourself. Saying yes can mean you are agreeing to change in some way to improve your chances of grasping the opportunities crossing your path. What do you need to change about yourself? What do you need to improve to help you on your path to success? Saying yes is giving yourself permission to explore the world. This is not a time to hold back.