What does it means to dream Veil?


Veil – The veil is symbolic of good things and bad. In a negative context it represents the separations between life and death. This veil is something that should normally not be altered or messed with. In a positive context the veil represents something of great beauty that is being hidden for the time being until it is time to reveal it. The bride is commonly seen wearing a veil and the lifting of that veil represents a great step or change in life from one commitment to the next in a successive series of events that will bring fulfillment and joy. A daughter becomes a bride who then becomes a mother who then becomes a wise woman of age. This is the natural progression of life and while you may not actually get married or have children the message is more allegorical than actual. Take into consideration all of the aspects of your life and you will unveil the hidden meaning that you are meant to live.