What does it means to dream Trees?


Trees – Trees are a dream symbol of life and vitality. Drawing life from sunlight, earth, and water, trees are primal and strong. They also give life to humans by putting oxygen into the atmosphere and taking up carbon dioxide. If you dream of a tree, this indicates a source of life for you. Whether you know it or not, the aspect of your life symbolized by the tree is where you draw your energy and vitality. This may be a relationship, or it may be a relaxing pursuit or hobby. You may actually gain energy from trees in real life (most people do). Depending on the events in your dream, the symbol of the trees may be an indication that you need to go out and take refreshment in nature. Trees can also represent the delicate balance of the planet, so especially if you dream of trees being damaged, cut down, uprooted, or blighted, this may be a warning of the ill effects of falling out of balance within yourself. This dream symbol may also be a subconscious warning about the environmental impacts of your life choices, and an indication that you need to think responsibly and sustainably toward the future.