What does it means to dream Sailing?


Sailing – Sailing is a symbol of a journey in our life, whether it be allegorical or actual. To dream of yourself sailing in a storm is indicative of hard times and obstacles in your path. To dream of yourself sailing on calm water is indicative that everything in your life is going according to plan, and that you will succeed with little or no effort. Because bodies of water indicate the subconscious, sailing can also symbolize a journey into or over the subconscious. Your degree of fear about this journey is symbolized by the weather you experience over this body of water, and how well your boat handles the challenges it faces. If your boat sinks, this is a disastrous symbol that indicates a great deal of fear about facing your subconscious and the deep truths of your existence. It also indicates that you will soon be in direct conflict with something from your emotional depths that will probably be very uncomfortable for you to address.