What does it means to dream River?


River Dream Symbol – A river can have several different dream symbols, depending on its placement in your dream. As a body of water, a river always indicates the unconscious mind, and your reaction to the river indicates your willingness to engage the things that are in your unconscious. If you jump in and swim in the river, this signifies a total willingness to engage your subconscious mind, no matter what you might find there. On the other hand, if you do not want to get wet in your dream, this means that you are afraid to delve into your unconscious. You may have repressed memories that you do not want to address, or you may be unwilling to learn truths about yourself that your unconscious is hiding away. If a river lies directly across your path, this indicates that there is a barrier or obstacle between you and reaching your goals right now, and that to discover what this barrier is and overcome it you will need to do some soul-searching, meditation, or even hypnotherapy to understand what your subconscious or unconscious block is.This dream symbol means that if you continue trying to reach your goals using only your conscious awareness, as you have been doing, you will fail and be frustrated. The river can also symbolize the way that you lead your life or the way you want to live your life. If you are dreaming of a calm river that is flowing peacefully, that could indicate that you are emotionally calm. However, if you dream of large rapids it could symbolize that you feel that life is moving by too quickly. A static river may suggest that you lack direction in your life. A contaminated river may indicate that someone or something is affecting your emotions. Perhaps you need to try and look at the root causes of your problems, rather than the problems themselves. Additional River Dream Interpretations Dreaming of a river represents your feelings and how you deal with the world emotionally. This can be in reference to how you feel about your life in general or there may have been a specific event that you have confused feelings about. A raging river can be a message to find ways to relax. It is a time for rest and rejuvenation. Rivers connect with tributaries and streams. This can refer to the energy you put into your passions and the relationships that matter to you in your life. It can also symbolize the energy you put into a toxic relationship. This is a sign it is time to find the strength to put an end to this type of relationship. A strong, healthy river can symbolize emotional growth and recovering from traumatic and stressful events. It can indicate the state of your mental health. A healthy river with waters that are not clear, can mean you do not have all the information you need or clarity to make a clear decision. This type of dream means you need to wait for clear water before making an emotional commitment. It can symbolize mixed emotions. A healthy river cleanses your emotions of negativity, hurt, and pain. A dirty, polluted river can mean mental health issues, depression, and a stagnation in your life. Seeing this type of a river is a warning you need to take the time to focus on you emotional wellbeing if you want to achieve the success of your dreams.