What does it means to dream Rainbow?


Rainbow Dream Symbol – A rainbow is a combination of the two symbols of light and water. As such, it represents a synthesis of the understanding and the subconscious. You are about to have an insight into a deep truth about yourself. This may take the form of a revelation about a deep-seated fear that has been causing you to sabotage yourself, or a past trauma, or a root of depression. It will almost certainly be an understanding about something negative, which will allow you to break out of a harmful cycle or pattern. You must be prepared to confront some negative and possibly frightening emotions, but hold out hope that it will end with you overcoming this negativity and becoming a better and happier person. Alternative Rainbow Dream Meanings Dreaming of rainbows is a sign of good luck, prosperity, hope, and success. A rainbow represents a bridge between your earthly and higher selves. These are spiritual bridges you cannot physically cross to reach the pot of gold. This can be a time where you may have many creative ideas and you enjoy life to the fullest. Rainbows can also bring positive messages you will soon solve the trouble in your life. Treat your problems as lessons and as wisdom to learn for use in the future. Seeing a rainbow at night symbolizes your connectedness to the people you care about and to your spiritual beliefs. A pure white rainbow signifies your pure connection to the universe. This is a time when anything is possible. Dreaming of a red rainbow can mean there are tough times ahead. This is a warning to be prepared. A normal rainbow signifies your upcoming marriage or the meeting of your soul mate if you are single. A green rainbow means you will have enough to get you through life. The universe sends you enough to survive. When you see something that is the colors of the rainbow, such as a piece of material, this warns you need to be more positive about life. Remember, the universe always answers your calls for help. But, they answer whatever is uppermost on your mind. So, if your thoughts are worrying about your troubles then the universe delivers more trouble. By focusing on the positive outcomes you want, the universe will deliver the positive. Having rainbow colored hair reflects your carefree personality. You may be the eternal optimist. This is a message to let you know you are on the right path. Seeing a rainbow with the one you love is highlighting the positive parts of your relationship. Your love for each other will bring you both much joy.