What does it means to dream Rain?


Rain Dream Symbol – Rain is a complicated dream symbol. It indicates misfortune to come, and specifically hints at emotional trauma and tears. It is likely that someone close to you will hurt you, and you will feel betrayed. However, rain also symbolizes fertility and prosperity to come. These two meanings are not at odds with each other. The misfortune that you will soon experience will have long-term effects for the good, though it may not be obvious yet what those are. In the long run, the pain you will feel will cause your situation to become much better even than it is right now. It will stop the current state of stagnation and pour new energy into you, giving you greater drive and motivation to accomplish your goals. It will also remove obstacles and make it easier and more pleasant for you to accomplish your goals. To dream that you are drenched in rain may indicate that you tend to overreact to your emotions and let them guide you through life. While it is good to have strong emotions, perhaps you need to think more logical instead of emotional. Additional Meanings Rain can indicate challenges will soon cross your path where hailstone can mean you will lose something you love. This can also refer to someone close to you. Hearing rain beating on a window is a sign you will soon make peace with someone. Getting wet in the rain means good times are soon coming. And, dreaming of watching it rain though a window can mean you have financial luck in a lottery or through an inheritance. Constant rain in real life may make you feel depressed where, in a dream, this is a message of great fortune. Rain brings messages of courage and hope. For rain brings moisture to dry earth so new life can spring forth. Bringing with it relief from the old and self-confidence to forge a new path through the challenges. Different weather can refer to your moods and different emotions. Flood waters entering your house is a sign of your stress levels. This may be a time of many worries that you just cannot deal with at this time. Have patience. If you keep going this way you will see things completely destroyed. Take a little down time out. Work through these time little by little at a time. It can also mean you worry about the state of your house and how you would like to improve your living conditions. Gentle rain brings a release of pent up emotions and allows you to relax. Where a downpour can mean you feel swamped and overwhelmed emotionally. It is a reminder to listen to your intuition. You may be so overwrought you forget you hold actually hold the answers within. Dreaming of rainbows brings joy, hope, love, and success. Rainbows bring new beginnings after tough times. Rainstorms can mean you need take notice of your environment. While you may think something is right for you, you may not be seeing it for what it truly is. Pay attention to the finer details and what they can mean to the big picture. Is it really an opportunity that takes you closer to your dreams?