What does it means to dream Race?


Race – The exact meaning of this dream symbol will depend largely on the situation, the surrounding symbols, and the emotions connected to it. A race can indicate a feeling of exhilaration. This is especially true if your dream focuses on the speed of the race and the thrill of victory. A race can also symbolize competition and aggression. You may feel challenged or even threatened by people in your life, and you may feel the need to prove yourself against them. Your tendency to compare yourself to others may cause you to fail to appreciate the good things about your own life. This is especially true if the race focuses on your fellow competitors. On the other hand, the race can also indicate stress or fear, especially if you find yourself lagging behind in the race and unable to keep up. If a race is run on foot, it indicates your own ability to achieve your goals, but if it is raced on horseback, in cars, or using any other means of transportation, it reflects your feelings about the tools you have at your disposal to achieve your goals. It is also indicative of your feeling of empowerment to make your life what you want it to be.