What does it means to dream News?


News – Dreaming about receiving news is symbolic that an important event is about to take place in your life. The general method of receiving the news is directly correlated with the actual news that you will receive, however, the dream news is typically allegorical or highly symbolic. If you dream about watching the news on TV, it means that the news that you are about to receive in waking life is not going to directly affect you. If you dream about receiving the news from a friend or acquaintance via the telephone or an electronic message it indicates that the news will be personal, but will affect you only in so far as it is related to someone you know and not you personally. Maybe a friend is pregnant or got a new job. If you dream about having a sit down or a face-to-face conversation with someone that has news for you, it means that it will directly affect you and your life in a great way and is probably serious.