What does it means to dream Nest?


A nest represents your home. It is a place of nurturing, rest, and relaxation. It provides security for you and your family. Examine the condition of the nest in your dream for more clues as to how you feel regarding these issues. If there are eggs in the nest, it indicates that you are feeling full and have an abundance of love, laughter, and light in your home. If the nest is empty, it indicates that you feel empty inside. If the nest is disheveled or destroyed, it could indicate that are feeling uneasy about your home situation. Alternatively, a nest could represent your financial situation, as in “building your nest egg.” If the nest has eggs in it, it indicates that you feel secure about your financial situation. If the nest is destroyed, it indicates fears around your finances. Look for other clues in the dream to determine which interpretation fits best for you; also look for parallels in your waking life.