What does it means to dream Knife?


Knife Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a knife indicates a parting of the ways. Of cutting unnecessary things out of your life. Being attacked by a knife warns there are enemies close to you. Take a closer look at those you trust. You may need to cut some trusted friends or family members from your life to protect yourself from them in the future. A blunt knife means you resolve issues and a sharp knife means you will solve things more quickly. You may also feel a need to protect yourself more at this time. When you hold a knife in a dream, you may be trying to cut ties to a negative or toxic relationship. A woman dreaming of being stabbed can mean the pressures of life make you worry. While a man being stabbed is a sign of aggression. A sign of a loss of control. You need to learn to control your emotions. Self-mutilating with a knife warns of how any addictions can ruin your life. This can be drugs, alcohol, food, or anything else you have an addiction to. Do you have an addiction? Dreaming of a dagger signifies sacrifices. When a dagger is pointed towards you then you may have to repay someone in way you may not like. Alternatively, a dagger can represent a personal attack. You may be angry with someone who has attacked you in reality. This is a sign your fears of deceit rise to the surface. You may have put yourself into a situation that causes you much anger. Killing or wounding someone you see as an enemy is a push to stand up to your fears. Additional Dream Meanings To see that you are holding a knife in your dream would suggest a symbol of aggression or anger. There could be something that you are looking to get rid of and cut out of your life. You might be in a relationship that is not working for you or you could have people in your life you need to let go. The knife in a dream can also represent some tension that you might have sexually. If you see someone in your dream holding on to a knife it could mean that you don’t have any power in a specific situation or relationship that you might be in. This person could also represent a dominate figure that is currently present in your life.