What does it means to dream Kangaroo?


Kangaroo Dream Symbol – Kangaroos, like koalas, are cute animals that seem very fun. However, despite this popular view, kangaroos are actually more like deer in other parts of the world. They can be a nuisance or even a vector for disease. Dreaming about kangaroos is a personal thing. If you have a preconceived understanding of a personal symbolic meaning about kangaroos, you should interpret your dream from this perspective. Otherwise, kangaroos could represent travel or something exotic in your life. Kangaroos rarely mean anything specific and are often simply an extension of our fancy extending into our dreams. Kangaroo hops into your dreams as a symbol of parental protection. They protect their young carrying them in their pouch until they are around 9 months old. Your motherly, nurturing instincts may awaken at this time and this can mean you are being overprotective of someone or a situation. Who provokes these feelings in you? Is there a new project you work on you are overprotective about? Kangaroo can also remind you of any aggressiveness in yourself. It is a time to deal with negative feelings for they hamper your way forward. You are isolating yourself through your own behavior. When kangaroo hops around this can mean you are hopping from one thing to another. Always starting something new and never finishing anything. She reminds you can adapt to new situations. You just need to focus on one thing at a time to see things through to the end. Kangaroo is a clear sign your project will be successful in 9 months’ time if you fully commit to it. She can also be warning you need to escape a bad situation or people who poison your life. Who leaves you feeling drained? What do you long you escape? Follow your intuition if tells you it is time to escape. When Kangaroo crosses your path Kangaroo crosses your path to remind you can only move forward. Embrace changes with a new outlook and you will never look back.