What does it means to dream Jewels?


Jewels – Jewels have long caught the eye of mankind. They are inherently beautiful and carry with them spiritual powers that can be captured and used in a way to augment the natural powers of man. With the appropriate jewel, a person naturally adept at physical feats can become extraordinary at them. While modern science has so far been unable to truly understand the mind-bending characteristics of various crystalline forms found in nature, it agrees that specific types of crystals are able to affect humans in ways that are very interesting. What modern science has been so far unable to explain has been understood by the wise for thousands of years. Dreaming about jewels can be an incredibly insightful look at your life from an objective viewpoint. It is important to take note of the jewels you see in your life and find out what those specific jewels symbolize from a reputable source. Jewels in general are eyes into our souls and act as an object to help channel natural strengths.