What does it means to dream Incest?


Incest – Dreaming of incest is an indication of a family relationship that needs more attention, or perhaps a very close friendship that you have never considered romantic, but which is ready to blossom into romance. A dream about incest is not an indication of perversion, nor should it cause any concern about whether you are corrupt or disturbed for having dreamed it. Biologically, incest is common among many animals, including humans, and it is societal norms that repress it rather than instinctively-known truths latent in the subconscious. In Freudian psychology, it is completely normal to dream of or even desire to have sex with one or the other of your parents, especially as you make the transition from childhood to adulthood. If you find yourself dreaming about incest, there is probably some sexual tension or suppressed desire that needs to be explored.