What does it means to dream Hair?


Hair – Generally hair is a symbol of strength and virility in dreams. If you have hair that is in good condition then it is a sign that the dreamer feels he is vital and strong, however, if the hair is in bad condition it can be an indicator of low self-esteem and even a lack of strength from the dreamer. Getting Rid of Knots If you are using a comb to get out knots from your hair it means that you may have problems you are trying to untangle in your waking life. Having your hair cut in a dream can indicate that you are trying to create more order in your life. Haircuts can also mean success in a new project. If you find that you are unhappy about a haircut in your dream then it can mean that you have doubts about how others view your image. Hair is a symbol of beauty and grace. Dreaming about hair in general is not indicative of anything in particular. However, there can be times when hair really stands out in your dream in a way that makes you wonder what it might mean. If you see your hair blowing in the wind that it can signal the need for you to let loose and set caution to the wind. You might want to consider become more uninhibited in your actions. Someone who finds themselves changing their hairstyle may suggest a change of attitude toward something in their waking state. Being Bald and Growing a Beard Being bald in a dream can sometimes highlight your intelligence. Alternatively, being bald can also signify a fear of getting older and losing your year. You might have lowered self esteem and according to Freud you would have a fear of castration. Men who have beards in their dream can often signify manhood and specific masculine qualities about themselves. If you are ashamed of your beard then it can be a sign of embarrassment from your bodies natural hair growth. Woman who grow a beard in a dream can indicate the need to develop more masculine qualities in themselves. Meaning of Different Colored Hair First, the color of the hair is important. Red hair means that this person is dangerous. Brown hair symbolizes nobility. Blond hair is the symbol of beauty and purity. Black hair represents secrets. If the hair is put up or covered in anyway its meaning is lessened or reversed.