What does it means to dream Garden?


Garden Dream Symbol – Dreaming about a garden is all about the things in your life that are very important. Each plant represents a relationship, dream, goal, or other important aspect of your life. If you notice that one of your plants is sickly, it means that something is not going right in your life. It is important not to overextend yourself in the garden of your life. Also, sometimes pruning is required and other times a plant has lived out its life and it is time to replace it with another new plant. Try sowing the seeds of new experiences in any open spot in the garden of your life. Alternative Garden Dream Meanings Dreaming of a well-kept garden is a positive sign for financial matters. Garden dreams can give you insight into your emotions. A clean, neat garden signifies good organization, but it can also mean you can also be inflexible. Have you been taking a hard line with someone recently? Is there good reason? A cottage garden represents your relaxed attitude to life. You may take calculated risks, but you are wary. Has your trust been betrayed in the past? Related Dream Symbol: Garden of Eden Dream Interpretation A vegetable garden indicates your focus on being productive. You understand you need to focus and work hard on what is important to be productive. This is a sign your hard work is rewarded. A dream where there are herbs in the garden is a warning you need to change your health and your nutrition. Try to get out and be more active, and eat a healthy diet. When you dream of citrus fruit it warns to be mindful of what you say. This can also indicate how people talk about you behind your back. Did you know this? Dreaming of a vegetable garden warns of financial loss. Growing vegetables can mean that while you may have money trouble it will all work out eventually. Fertilizing a vegetable garden can refer to the romance in your life. Planting vegetables can represent your practical side. Digging in a vegetable garden may mean you do become wealthy, but it may cost those around you dearly. How high is the price you are willing to pay for success? Watering a vegetable garden is a sign of a surprise financial windfall. A messy garden can signify sexuality and emotional problems. A well-kept garden symbolizes reaping the rewards of your hard work and good news for lovers. Trees in a garden can represent your unhappiness and stress at something in your life. Flowering fruit trees symbolize happiness and pleasure in life. An old, abandoned flower garden can mean you are confused about something or someone. It can also mean you may listen to poor advice, which results in a loss of money. You may need to learn to trust in your intuition. Flowers in a garden suggests you have much joy in your life. You will reach emotional and personal tranquility and harmony in your waking life. A green healthy garden or a beautiful garden full of flowers indicates you will soon enjoy much prosperity and abundance. Dried flowers filling a garden reflects you worry about social and financial matters. A fenced or walled garden is a good omen when it comes to business or work. It signifies achieving success. Dreaming of raking a garden indicates you find a solution to your money worries. Seeing a large home with a beautiful garden can mean you will see through the illusions around you. Walking through a garden signifies a long, happy life.