What does it means to dream Garbage?


Garbage Dream Symbol – Dreaming about garbage indicates that you should allow yourself to let go of things that are beyond repair in your life. It is common to hang on to old memories or relationships that have long since been ruined. Dreaming of garbage is a call to let go and move on with your life before it becomes unlivable and putrid. Even though it can be hard to determine what to let go of because of sentimental reasons, throwing away those things that you have collected over the years can be cathartic and give you a sense of renewal in spite of the difficulty of letting go. Try actually throwing something physical that you have been holding on to from your past away. Allow yourself to clean up the garbage in your life. Alternatively, dreaming about garbage may indicate the desire to clear yourself or your emotional baggage. Perhaps you are hanging on to things of the past and are carrying around burdens that are not necessarily yours. It may be time to start doing some internal housekeeping and rid yourself of the things that are holding you back. To dream that your garbage is being taken care of by someone you know may indicate that you are letting other people bare your responsibility and burdens. This dream may be telling you to take control of your own situation and do no rely on other people for help. If you see yourself covered in a pile of garbage it may indicate low self-esteem and confidence in yourself. Perhaps you have a negative view of yourself that needs to be changed in order for you to achieve more in your life.