What does it means to dream Game?


Dreaming of playing a board game or a childhood game such as hide-and-seek or tag represents feelings of playfulness, childhood fun, and cooperation with others. What game were you playing in the dream? Examine the associations you have with the game you were playing and the feelings that the game invokes. Dreaming of playing a competitive sport such as football, baseball, or lacrosse, indicates feelings of competition, competitiveness, and a desire to win. It indicates a win-lose attitude. In order for you to get ahead, been seen as superior, or feel important, someone else has to be made less-than. Further, a game could indicate feelings of courage, braveness, fearlessness, or persistence as in the expression, ā€œIā€™m game.ā€ Alternatively, game (as in a wild animal hunted for sport or food), indicates a desire to prey upon another for entertainment or for survival.