What does it means to dream Falcon?


Falcons are a hunting bird known for their ability to fly at high speeds and to change directions rapidly – able to dive at 200 miles per hour (320 km/h) they are the fastest animal on Earth – yes, faster than the cheetah! Dreaming of a falcon could indicate your ability to achieve great feats and accomplish large goals. You may have a great task in front of you now and you need to take on the qualities of the falcon in order to get it done. This dream symbol could be a way of reminding you what you need to be in order to soar to great heights. Further, dreaming of a falcon could indicate your ability to quickly and seamlessly adapt to change. There may be great changes happening in your waking life and if you are going to make it through, you need to learn to adapt quickly and without hesitation – otherwise you risk missing the mark and not achieving your goal.