What does it means to dream Fairy?


Fairy Dream Symbol – Fairy dreams is your subconscious trying to reach you. If the dream is scary, then the message is clear. You are out of balance and need to take corrective action soon. Do you ignore your intuition? Do you follow your gut instincts? Alternatively, enchanted fairy dreams may be confirmation you follow your intuition with successful outcomes. Keep your faith in what you believe. Following fairies in a dream indicates you should follow your heart. Do not let your head interfere for it will steer you wrong. Men dreaming of fairies is a sign you are out of balance. Fairies represent your feminine side. You need to do more work there to bring yourself into balance. Women dreaming of fairies can mean the same thing. But, it can also represent a part of yourself that is lacking. Fairies can also symbolize an endearing trait of your mother’s you want to cultivate as part of your life. Dreaming of fairies can indicate you want to simplify your life. Cut out the complications that bring negative shadows to your soul. It maybe you want a fairytale ending to a s situation in your life. Maybe you long to be a wife. Happy fairy dreams symbolize being surrounded by love, peace, and joy. Dreaming of unhappy, angry fairies means the opposite. You could lose everything you worked for and the love in your life too. Be careful. This is a strong warning. You will have a sad little life unless you do something to turn it around. The exact meaning of your dream symbol of the fairy will change depending on your cultural understanding of fairies. Generally, though, the fairy represents a herald from the subconscious. If this is a fearful occurrence to you, this indicates that you are not in tune with your instincts or are resistant to the voice of your intuition. On the other hand, if you are enchanted by a fairy in your dream, this indicates a state of innocence that allows you to listen to your subconscious. Following a fairy in your dream is a sign of following your heart, rather than your head.