What does it means to dream Fainting?


“I dreamt that I fainted last night!” To dream about fainting is an indication that there is a powerful circumstance or emotion that you do not want to confront. You may be using excuses about incapacity (physical or otherwise) to absolve yourself from the need to understand this reality and take responsibility for it. Fainting Shows an Unwillingness to Address Issues If you dream that you remain conscious but that your body becomes non-responsive, this indicates, not an unwillingness to address issues, but a feeling of powerlessness to change your circumstances or achieve your goals. It may also indicate that your “fight, flight or freeze” instinct is to “freeze.” This dream may be a warning about what will happen if you allow this instinct to define how you respond to threats in your life. Take Control of the Situation Fainting is the bodies natural response to situations that is difficult to deal with. If you are faced with a fainting dream it can often be your subconscious showing you how you react in certain situations. The dream could be urging you to take control of the difficult situations in your life and face them head on, instead of trying to avoid them.