What does it means to dream Face?


To see someone’s face in your dream could indicate that you have been thinking about that person or the qualities that they express and represent to you. It also indicates how you perceive that person. If the face you see in your dream is different from the way the person is in waking life, examine the differences for clues as to your unconscious perceptions of that person. If you are seeing your own face (in a mirror or otherwise), it could indicate how you see yourself on a deep or unconscious level. Examine the details of your face and any differences you perceived. If you see your face as you would in your waking life, it could indicate that you are confident with yourself and the person you are. If your face is different in any way, it could indicate that you see yourself differently (or would like to see yourself differently) than the image you are currently portraying. To see a person without a face could indicate a lack of identity, not having a clear sense of self, or wanting to go unnoticed.