What does it means to dream Exercise (Fitness)?


Exercise – Exercise is a symbol of health and active energy. To dream about exercise may mean that you have the strength and tools you need to accomplish a particular goal, and that you feel positive and empowered about it. It may indicate that you are gaining control over circumstances in your life after a period of lethargy or hopelessness. It may also signify that you are achieving balance in your life, which contributes to your overall energy and positive experience in life. Alternatively, negative emotions connected to a dream about exercise could indicate that you are pushing yourself too hard, or that you feel guilty about not living up to some standard that is either imposed by yourself or someone else. If you dream that you are working out in the gym it can indicate that you may need to consider adding some activity to your life. Lifting heavy weights can also suggest that you have a lot of burdens weighing you done and you should consider reducing this weighted burden. Dreaming about running on a treadmill can indicate that you are bored and unhappy about specific aspects in your life. Jumping in a dream can indicate that you want to improve your financial situation by making advancing in your career. Dreaming about kicking or getting kicked in a dream can indicate that you are looking to get away from someone’s control over you. Perhaps someone has too much influence in your life that you feel is hurting your progression. Dreaming about skipping around in a dream can indicate the need to become more playful and friendly to the people around you. Keeping Fit in Dream A dream involving keeping fit brings positive news of new opportunities on the way. They will arrive at just the right time. Just when you are about to give up hope. Being fit symbolizes being on the right path with your life. It can be a message to let you know that things are going well. There is nothing to worry about. Fitness in a dream is a sign you will become powerful in the future. You take care of the things that matter. Seeing yourself keeping fit can mean there may be a promotion at work or good news for your personal life. If you are unhealthy in a dream, this can mean there may be tough times ahead. Be prepared. Keeping fit with someone indicates you have the power to positively influence someone’s life. Do people often come to you for advice? When you are sick in your waking life and dream of being fit, this is a sign you will make a full recovery. But, if you are healthy in your waking life and dream of being sick, it is a sign you will soon lose something of importance. It can also warn you may have a minor illness soon.