What does it means to dream Eggs?


To dream about eggs signifies rebirth, productivity, and the power of your imagination. It suggests that there might be a new circumstance coming in your life. To dream about finding a nest of eggs indicates that you may come into money. The larger and more abundant the eggs are, the more you will gain. To dream about cracked eggs suggests that you will have to endure bad fortune and regret. This represents those aspects of life that are delicate, especially feelings that you could be hurt easily. This could also mean that you are not able to ‘break out of your shell’ because you don’t like the person you are. To dream of brightly colored eggs signifies a positive thing; something that will bring you joy. To dream of rotten eggs represents loss. You are probably the reason that something went wrong or didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. To dream about fish eggs suggests a concept that you have conjured up from your subconscious.