What does it means to dream Eating?


Eating – To understand your dream about eating, you must take into account the food you dream about eating. If you dream about eating root vegetables such as carrots or potatoes, this denotes absorbing the grounding energy from the earth. Perhaps you have been too unbalanced or flighty recently, and you need to center yourself and reconnect with the things that make you stable. If you dream about eating plant vegetables, this is connected to the element of water. You need to embrace flux and change in your life. Dreaming of eating fruits, especially fruits that grow high in trees, denote air. These foods are connected to empowerment, freedom, and themes such as flying. Let go of your inhibitions, because great opportunities are on the horizon if you are prepared to take a leap. If your food is cooked, this symbolizes the element of fire, which is simultaneously generative and destructive.