What does it means to dream Earthquake?


Earthquake Dream Symbol – An earthquake is a disturbing symbol in a dream, denoting life changes that may be catastrophic. It represents very physical things. Everything that causes your sense of stability is or may soon be in jeopardy, as indicated by the literal ground beneath your feet giving way in your dream. Notice the damage caused by the earthquake in your dream. This could indicate the other people and things that may be affected by the change, or it could signify the things you hold dearest and which you would be most afraid to lose. Alternatively, an earthquake dream could indicate insecurity in your life’s current circumstances, rather than an impending change. Alternatively, to dream about an earthquake, where the ground in shaking violently and building as falling down, can be signs that you should not get too comfortable in you waking life. Even though everything in your life may seem like it is in place right now, you never know when the next tragedy may strike. Earthquake dreams are usually not foretelling dreams designed to warn you about a real earthquake. The world in your dream represents your stability and security around you. Seeing everything being shaking to the core by the earth moving rapidly is a sign that no matter how strong everything is you should never become over confident. Life often has a way of throwing us curveballs like family tragedies, divorce, and other unforeseen events that can catch us off guard. This dream may be reminding you to appreciate what you have right now, while you have it.