What does it means to dream Abortion?


Abortion – To dream of an abortion means that you are resistant to some change in your life. This dream symbol includes undertones of sterility. There is a fear of the unknown. Subconsciously, fertility often represents positive change, so your dream about abortion may indicate that you fear a change that your subconscious knows would actually be beneficial for you. A birth often represents the embracing of a new identity, so an abortion indicates that you fear a transformation in yourself. If you have had a real life abortion in the past the dream could represent your own past experience. The dream can represent your bodies natural mechanism for self healing in terms of dealing with a past decision that you might have regretted. If you are dreaming that someone else in the dream is having an abortion it could represent the relationship between that person being stale or stagnant. If the person in the dream does not represent someone significant to you it could be your general views of abortion and what your beliefs are. Having a dream that occurs where there is an illegal or unsafe abortion taking place represents your not wanting change in your life. The abortion could represent forced changed that is occurring in your life in some way.